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The REAL Ukraine Scandal

Steve Hilton: The real Ukraine scandal is US cash for gas -- It involves the Bidens and a growing list of Dems By Steve Hilton | Fox News Swamp Watch: The Bidens and Ukraine As President Trump is hara...... Read More
Posted 2 hours ago by us2nomads

A few truths

In answer to Amod and others who think President Trump is of little consequence: US AG Willaim Barr speaks to Notre Dame Who but President Trump would be bold enough to place this Truth-teller in offi...... Read More
Posted 5 hours ago by 1derlander

10-15-19 Love Quote

Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.”― Maya Angelou...... Read More
Posted 6 hours ago by BrotherDocs


Last week on Monday, I took my mother to the doctor about her elbow and then to daycare. I received a call around ten thirty telling me that I had to take my mother to urgent care immediately. I then...... Read More
Posted 6 hours ago by MarissaG

Trump And Syria - Turkey's Invasion - Putin's Success In Syria - Saudi Arabia's Inept And Possibly-endangered Crown Prince - Iran's Pride

John Chuckman EXPANSION OF A COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE BY MARKO MARJANOVIC IN CHECKPOINT ASIA “Syrian Army Enters US/Kurdish-Held Northern Syria to Block Turko-Jihadi Offensive To do what the...... Read More
Posted 7 hours ago by chuckman

Birds and night blooms

It doesn't happen all the time but after a very windy rain overnight the birds come out to have brunch! Maybe it is the wind that stirs up the worms and crabs but they come out in large numbers...... Read More
Posted 8 hours ago by greatmartin

Good Night!

God Bless...... Read More
Posted 12 hours ago by ellie1142545

Up Next

A very pretty painting and a new Bible study! The painting just needs formated and the Bible study needs some edits and a lot of typing. I want to make my Bible studies denominationally nutural. After...... Read More
Posted 12 hours ago by Zoey-Mae

You Really Can't Go Back, I Wish I Hadn't Tried

I had the opportunity to reconnect, through Facebook, with a school friend that I was close to. The last time we saw each other we were 26 and she moved to Nebraska to take care of her Dad. We stayed...... Read More
Posted 13 hours ago by ButteroseSherry


I haven't posted in quite some time. Too much time on Facebook I suppose. Also, I see my profile photo is way out of date. That was me 15 years ago. Lot's of aging since. I have tried to upd...... Read More
Posted 15 hours ago by jajenney

Morning moon

Yesterday I did my elliptical but today made up for it. The morning moon Ducky My girls We went to my neighbor's Memorial. Gosh that was ruff. You never know what to say. I hope her husband does...... Read More
Posted 15 hours ago by peacefulthinking

A Moderate Point of View: Why it will not be necessary for the Whistle Blower to Testify in Order to Impeach Donald Trump!! The Transcript!

PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: This is another Post where I will not provide Links....primarily because I have provided them before and some of this stuff is a no brainer! Adam Schiff said this weekend...... Read More
Posted 16 hours ago by AMODPOVW

An iPhone 12 SR? No thanks!

"...If you have breakthrough innovation, if you’re able to do something that’, that’s often something a...startup company, is better at..." --Not important who sai...... Read More
Posted 17 hours ago by MisterCox

Is it Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day in your city?

While the Federal Government says it's Columbus Day today, I learned yesterday that in my city today for the first time is Indigenous Peoples Day and not Columbus Day. This took effect six months...... Read More
Posted 18 hours ago by sfeastbay

How's Your Bible Knowledge...? Check it out...

I was surprised at my score because I sort of guessed a lot.,1568857855,n9evd2ie But, HA!, I got XX%...... Read More
Posted 18 hours ago by FedUpToHere

A Medical Conundrum

I sure hope somebody does something about American prescription drug prices. The other day when I was at the doctor's office he gave me a prescription for a generic insulin called Basaglar. He sa...... Read More
Posted 19 hours ago by AmalaTsering

Alert!! Alert!!

...... Read More
Posted 20 hours ago by Jollyonehere

Welcome...... Please Come In

This is a photo post containing 3 photos... Read More
Posted 20 hours ago by ricciw55

The New Project

Uffdah. The best thing for stress is for me to do 'hard' labor. Well, I had this New Project in mind pretty much all summer long. But spring was fencing time and mowing and working with anim...... Read More
Posted 23 hours ago by LouieLouie

A Quid Pro Quo

A Quid Pro Quo - When greed is his driving force, then misery & death cannot be far behind...... Read More
Posted 23 hours ago by udontsay

We Don't Want To Hear It But Must Know

False Flag Finale is the battleground, California Multiple unusual fires break out, 1,000,000 evacuations. FEMA involved. 1,000,000 without power, fuel, grocery stores, ATMs, schools. Governor signed...... Read More
Posted 24 hours ago by aKunaKumara

International community moving against trump policy in trade

I should like to be appalled by this latest event. As an American, I should be able to cheer for my own country and expect our allies in Europe and otherwise, to work fairly with us. However, under t...... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by scenefromtheleft

Turkey Day In Canada

No, this blog posting is not about Canada's upcoming election. This is about Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving in Canada falls on the second Monday of October which is tomorrow, the 14th. As empty as th...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by ZenofKen

Joker - A Movie Review

Joker introduces us to the dark side of humor as we follow Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck, a wanna-be comedian who potential for comedy begins with his ability to dance with grace and charisma, but e...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by Thewritertwo

Fun Quick Trip Back Home For B-Day

Eastbound I-70 out of Indiana @ 5:45 this Sunday Morning. There isn't a better time to be on that horrible stretch of Interstate...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by MaxLiberty

What I care about

I do not care about your political leanings I do not care about your sexual orientation I do not care if you are wealthy or poor I do not care if you are young or old I do not care if you are married...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by tesstruhartz1

'The Tide Has Shifted': New Poll Shows Nearly 60% of Americans Support Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Published on Tuesday, October 08, 2019 by Common Dreams 'The Tide Has Shifted': New Poll Shows Nearly 60% of Americans Support Trump Impeachment Inquiry The Washington Post-Schar School pol...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by ceilede

Big Sale...

I suspected that they may want me to work today, since I had yesterday off. Sure enough, they did. But I was already committed to having the sale, so I said no. That was kinda hard. It was the sure wa...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by maggiesnextphase

Democrat HYPOCRITES love to call Trump corrupt...

Pay attention, watch, and learn... KEEP watching... it won't be long before California comes to the American taxpayers with their hand out, looking fo...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by OpinionNateTed

Oh my knee!

A few weeks ago, I twisted my knee by turning abruptly one way, my knee staying put. I thought I'd had torn something. I didn't go to the doctor. I did my own "doctoring". I star...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by SouthernCharm

l am really ashamed to admit it but .....

l am really ashamed to admit it but ..... l went out this morning to do some shopping. l had to go to the Post Office to post some airmail letters. There is always such a long queue so l thought l wo...... Read More
Posted 3 days ago by JaddieBlue

Día Mundial de la Arquitectura en Cajeme

El 7 de octubre se celebra el “Da Mundial de la Arquitectura: Vivienda para todos” proclamado por la asociacin “Union Internationale des Architects” con sede en la ciudad de...... Read More
Posted 3 days ago by sanchezarchitecture


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